Naughty Restaurants subject to Inspection

August 25, 2009 – 17:21

Cilegon (pos kota) – Cilegon mayor, Tb. Aat Syafa’at was outraged when he found out that his ban on opening restaurants up to 4 pm was not observed by restaurant owners. Tuesday (25/8).

The mayor quickly ordered city officials to warn the restaurants. Several restaurants and fast-food outlets which remain open during the daylight will be subjected to inspection and given warning.

The chief of Cilegon Public Order officials, Enang Sudrajat said that inspection will be conducted to uphold the regulation of Cilegon city, specifically Regulation no. 556.322/1547/Pol PP concerning the ban of entertainment centers, restaurants and food outlet to open in daylight during the month of Ramadhan.

“Keeping in line with the regulation, all restaurants and entertainment centers must be closed during Ramadhan. They can resume their business starting 4 pm. Things will return to normal 3 days after Eid day,” said Endang.

Endang further reiterated that his department will not refrain from taking strong measures. Should there still be violators then they must face the consequences which is the cancellation of their business permit. “We will be vigilant. If they do not heed our warnings, then it is possible to cancel their permit,” said Endang.

It was previously reported that a number of fast food restaurants in Cilegon violated the Mayor’s decree. They remain open in daylight during Ramadhan. (haryono/B)

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