FUI Rejects Israeli Chamber of Commerce

By Republika newsroom
Saturday 15 August 2009 – 19:41

Jakarta – Forum Umat Islam (FUI) urged the government to end bilateral relationship with zionist Israel. FUI found the indication that the secret relationship between the two countries is getting closer with the presence of Israeli Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia.

“Secretly, the Israelis opened a chamber of commerce in Jakarta when the media were busy reporting the bombing in Ritz Carlton and JW Marriot and the capture of terrorists network,” said FUI Secretary General, Muhammad Al Khathath, during a press conference of Religious Gathering themed “Reject Israeli Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia”, Saturday (15/8) in Jakarta.

According to Khathath, Israeli Chamber of commerce presence in Indonesia started seven years ago. In 2001, the minister of Trade and Industry, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, signed a ministerial decree no. 23/MPP/01/2001 on 10th January 2001. The content of the decree legalize trade relations between Indonsia and Israel.

The suspicion was confirmed by news in Israeli hebrew-language media, Dza Marker, which reported Israeli attempt to widen its economic network in Southeast Asia. The head of Israel Chamber of Commerce Asia Region, Ran Kohin, stated that the opening of Israeli chamber of commerce in Jakarta is a good step in the trade relations of the two countries which have been going on since several years ago. However, Khathath admitted that he still haven’t found out the chamber office’s address, which was headed by Immanuel Shahaf. Therefore FUI called on everyone who is aware of this information to reveal it.

On the same occasion, FUI – a forum for Muslim Clerics, mass organizations, and political organizations, and Muslims all over Indonesia – stated their concern. The concern was reiterated by the chief of An-Nashr Institute, Munarman, and the head of Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (MER-C) Presidium, Jozerizal Jurnalis.

“The Zionist Israel usually opened a chamber of commerce in a country as a camouflage for their intelligence,” said Munarman. Israeli bargaining power will be strengthened because they provide medical, weapons, and geothermal equipment. Munarman further warned Muslims to remain united against Israeli dominance in all fields.

In another tone Joserizal explained that Israel is the enemy of the world. Speaking from his experience, Israel have conducted barbaric actions with the use of phosporic bombs and plated bombs that caused many palestinians to be crippled. Jose hoped that Indonesian Government reconsider relations with Israel.

Elsewhere, the head of Ngruki Islamic School – Abu Bakar Ba’asyir – warned President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to act decisively. “If (he) can’t fight the Jews, (he’d) better canceled (his) Majlis Zikir (Islamic congregations -ed),” he said. Ba’asyir further stated that fight against the Jews must be done with arms because Allah have stated in the Quran that the Jews are the number one enemy. c84/rif

Translated from: http://www.republika.co.id/berita/69703/FUI_Tolak_Kamar_Dagang_Israel

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